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Facial redness is a common skin problem encountered at Aesthetic Harmony. People are often very self-conscious about their redness, which they feel they have to hide with makeup.

In many instances this is caused by a common skin condition called rosacea. Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory skin disorder that most often affects the face and the cause is unknown. There is a strong genetic component, and an increased presence of microscopic skin mite (Desmodex mite) has been identified. An altered immune response in the skin may be a factor. Numerous triggers have been observed to increase the frequency and severity of the symptoms of rosacea–sun exposure, temperature change, alcohol, spicy/hot foods, emotional stress, smoking, and various topical products.

Symptoms can vary from person to person and include facial redness and flushing, appearance of dilated capillaries, inflammatory lesions and pustules, pitted and thickened skin particularly around the nose and eye irritation.

Each person with rosacea suffers in a slightly different way, which is why Drs Bernard and Jennifer Leung personally assess every patient and develop an individualised treatment plan to manage the symptoms of rosacea. Treatment options include avoidance of known triggers, topical and oral prescription medications, vascular laser treatment and tailored skin care regimes.

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