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‘The apparent simplicity of dermal filler treatment belies its vast complexity’. It is for this reason that all dermal filler treatments at Aesthetic Harmony are performed only by us as doctors. We never delegate these procedures to support staff.


What are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal filler is a generic term used to describe substances that are injected to provide structural support to the ageing face, to replace volume loss in the face, and to improve the shape and proportion of the face. Despite the name, dermal fillers are typically not placed into the dermis, but into deeper structures to achieve the best results.


There are several types of dermal fillers, including:

  1. Temporary
  2. Permanent
  3. Biostimulatory


What type of filler do we use?

We use temporary dermal fillers for the vast majority of indications. Temporary fillers have a proven safety record. They are extremely safe due to the fact that they contain naturally occurring ingredients. Technological breakthroughs have made some of the newest fillers very long-lasting (up to 10 years).

We also use biostimulatory fillers for a more limited range of indications (such as in the neck and décolletage and hands) where they give the best outcomes. These collagen stimulating fillers are also naturally occurring fillers with an excellent safety profile.
We do not use permanent fillers. On the whole, permanent fillers have a higher risk of long term side effects, which are more difficult to manage as they cannot be readily reversed or removed.


Who is a suitable candidate?

Whilst our patients have different needs and desired outcomes, we find that they belong to several groups.
Patients in their 40s and above. They are told that they look tired and sad without actually feeling that way. They are at a stage in their lives where their children are growing up, they may be at the top of their career, they may be feeling very comfortable in their lives, or they may be starting out again, for example, in a new relationship or new job. The common thread is that they want to look and feel their best. They want to look less tired, less sad and less saggy. They want to achieve this in the safest fashion with the lowest downtime.

Our patients in their 20s and 30s tend to want to look more attractive. In many instances they want us to improve certain features on their face. However, the key is to use make a judgement based on our artistic sensibility to achieve harmony of proportions and to deliver the wow factor. For example, many patients think their lips are the centre of their attractiveness and request augmentation, whereas in many instances if we improve their jawline, it would make a dramatic difference.

A smaller group of patients are bothered by a distracting feature on their face, this could be a scar or a deformity of the nose. In many instances this may have caused significant psychological distress. The successful treatment brings relief.

What to expect

All dermal filler treatment starts with a thorough examination of your facial anatomy and the degree of structural facial ageing. It is important to keep in mind that facial ageing starts as early as your 30’s. We then formulate a treatment plan, for the immediate and for the future, according to our findings and your desired aesthetic outcome

Treatment is then carried out using a combination of needle and cannula, depending on what is needed to achieve our objectives. Traditionally many practitioners have touted the use of dermal fillers for lip augmentation, cheek augmentation and tear trough treatment. However, we believe that this is no longer best practice. It is much more important to look at the reasons behind the desire for treatment, which then allow us to define what we aim to achieve.

We schedule one hour for dermal filler treatments so we can take our time and give you the attention you deserve. Treatments may be carried out in one session or split into multiple sessions.


We use diagnostic ultrasound

It has become apparent over the past few years that there is tremendous variation in anatomy between individuals. This is impossible to assess clinically. We perform pre-treatment diagnostic ultrasound to ascertain your anatomy, which improves the safety and accuracy of our treatment.


Our treatment approach is anatomy based

Using detailed knowledge of facial anatomy, something akin to visualizing a 3D map of the face, we use dermal fillers to revolumise and reposition facial tissues to bring about a refreshed and natural-looking result. This is achieved by accurate placement of dermal fillers into target facial structures, to mimic their position and volume in a previously more youthful state.


Experience and qualifications count

We both have fellowships with the Australian cosmetic medicine colleges and have a combined experience of over two decades in this field.

The panfacial approach

The placement of dermal filler is into target structures. These are structures that scientific studies have repeatedly shown to undergo remodelling (change in shape and size) with ageing. Dermal filler in general, should not be injected where ageing changes visibly manifest. This may seem counter-intuitive to patients undergoing total face dermal filler treatment for the first time, but it is an important concept to grasp as it forms the fundamental basis of why we can consistently deliver a natural looking outcome. Although there are specific indications for dermal fillers, such as around the eyes (periorbital), tear troughslips, and jawline, treatment of these areas form part of our panfacial approach.

‘We strongly believe that it is not just about what and how much we put in, but more importantly, it is about the restraint of what we leave out.’


Harmony and proportions

While dermal filler is an excellent choice in restoring structural changes of facial ageing, it can also be used to subtly improve facial proportions. This requires a high degree of judgement and artistic sensibility to avoid distortion and caricature. We both came from families of artists, with each of us having a parent who is a practising artist. It is our artistic backgrounds that set us apart from other practitioners in the field.


Measured and considered

One of the most important aspects of having any treatment at Aesthetic Harmony is having an initial medical consultation with us personally. We will listen to your concerns, ascertain your aesthetic goals, discuss your relevant medical history, thoroughly assess your facial anatomy and provide you with an understanding of the most effective and medically safe treatment options available to you. We believe that an honest and open discussion is important before undergoing any cosmetic medical procedure. It is our strong belief in only offering treatment that is safe and appropriate to each person. If we believe a treatment will not provide a benefit or will in fact detract and provide an aesthetically suboptimal result, we will not hesitate in broaching this. Our aim is to bring you ‘aesthetic harmony’.

‘Technical mastery’

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