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The art of beauty
3 A’s of cosmetic injectables

The use of dermal fillers and anti-wrinkles injections (collectively known as cosmetic injectables) have become the most popular and effective treatment by far in facial rejuvenation. With advances in techniques and injectable products over the past few years, attractive, durable and natural looking results can be reliably achieved.

What are the key attributes essential to a good outcome?

As many of you know, the hallmark of my treatment is an attractive, harmonious and completely natural looking result. I have distilled the qualities required to give this level of result and it requires a combination of knowledge, judgment and technical skills. I call these the 3 As of cosmetic injectables:

  1. Anatomical knowledge
  2. Aesthetic sensibility
  3. Accurate technique

Anatomical knowledge

Over the past decade, there has been an explosion in the understanding of the structural changes that occur in facial ageing. Most of the visible ageing changes of the face is due to remodelling of the underlying facial fat pads and facial bones. The importance of the ability to visualise the underlying three dimensional facial anatomy can therefore not be underestimated. Current injecting strategies rely heavily on mimicking structures the way they used to be prior to ageing changes.

Another aspect that relies on comprehensive knowledge of anatomy is the prevention of complications. It is vital to avoid blood vessels and nerves whilst injecting. Although important structures such as these can be directly visualized, identified and preserved during open surgical procedures, they remain invisible when cosmetic injections are carried out. Fortunately the location and depth of these structures are well documented and I am able to rely on a detailed knowledge of the surface anatomy to avoid them.

Aesthetic sensibility

To my mind, the entire point of having cosmetic injections is to achieve a better aesthetic outcome. However, can this really be achieved? Is beauty in the eye of the beholder?

Whilst trends and fashions in beauty come and go, classic beauty transcends time, age, ethnicity and cultural differences. In my opinion, beauty is all about ratios, proportions, curves, shapes and shadows. Growing up as the son of an artist, I have come to appreciate beauty at an early age. I first started attending drawing class when I was 12. It was the kind of traditional training where week after week my artistic skills were practiced and honed. Little did I know at the time that one day I would rely so much on these skills in my career.

Most people instinctively recognise the difference between portraiture and caricature, and the analogy holds true for facial rejuvenation and beautification. It is vital to give consideration to the entire face when considering any treatment, as failure to do so may inadvertently result in an less than optimal and exaggerated outcome.

Accurate technique

With the increasing appreciation of the finer details of facial anatomy and how it changes with age over the last decade, injection techniques continue to evolve and have become much more refined and nuanced. I think we have now entered the age of what I call ‘Anatomical injecting’. Instead of treating surface features, it is far better to recognise that surface changes occur as a result of deterioriation of underlying structures, and that accurate mimicry of a more youthful form of these underlying structures will give the most optimal and harmonious outcome.

In summary it is the synergy of these qualities that allow an injector to achieve the best possible outcome, time after time. It is for this reason that I do not delegate any of my injectable treatments at Facial Artistry.