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Melasma, sometimes called chloasma, is a skin pigmentation disorder that appears as symmetrical brown blotches on the face. The pigment is due to pigment cells (melanocytes) over-producing melanin.

There are several know triggers for melasma, including sun exposure, pregnancy, hormone treatments (oral contraceptive pill and hormone replacement therapy), some medications and hypothyroidism.

Melasma often responds slowly to treatment, and almost always recurs, so treatment is needed long term. It also requires a combination of treatments, often with medicines that only doctors can prescribe.

Whilst there is yet no cure for melasma, Drs Bernard and Jennifer Leung have available the full range of treatment options to effectively and safely manage this often distressing condition. Treatment options include avoidance of know triggers, topical medicines, various chemical peels and picosecond pigment laser treatment.

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