40s is the golden decade. Your children are growing up and becoming independent, allowing you time to devote to your career, which is now in full flight. Experience allows you to juggle complex tasks and responsibility more easily. You are empowered by a sense of confidence and you want to look how you feel. Your skin is starting to show evidence of accumulated oxidative stress. Sun damage is becoming more apparent, with patches of red or brown discolouration. The facial structures are now showing signs of resorption and remodeling. Sun protection is still vital as photoageing now begins to accelerate. Choosing treatments wisely to form long term treatment plans will ensure optimal outcomes in years to come. This may involve the use of bespoke cosmeceuticals to improve the appearance of the skin, the use of anti-wrinkle injections to prevent lines from becoming further ingrained, and dermal fillers to help lift the face and reduce the tired appearance. Chemical peels may be added to improve skin texture. Vascular laser, Laser Genesis and PICO GenesisTM all start to become useful for facial redness and pigmentation that tend to appear in this decade.

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