Consultation Process

As our patient, your initial consultation with us is the most important event in your journey with us. We see every initial consultation as the start of a potential long term relationship. This is when we begin to get to know you as a person, listen to your concerns, find out your aesthetic goals, assess your facial anatomy, and together formulate a treatment plan. Just as important, is for you to find out whether we are the right fit to accompany you on your long term aesthetic journey.

Aesthetic Harmony - Our Consultation Process

What to expect

It is imperative that all our new patients have an initial consultation before any treatment, even if they already have a clear idea of what they would like performed. You will be requested to complete paperwork where basic medical information is collected.

The next part is clinical imaging, where your photos will be taken using our clinical imaging systems. This is essential to establish a baseline, and we also use these tools to help with our treatment planning.

After these formalities, we can then proceed to the face to face part of the consultation. We will listen to your concerns and learn about you, examine your face and determine your facial anatomy and signs of structural facial ageing. With our knowledge and experience, we can give you a glimpse of what the future of facial ageing might hold for you. We can discuss the treatment options for now and for the future.

The entire process takes 45 minutes to 1 hour and it is a prerequisite before any treatment

How are we unique

We appreciate that many potential new patients have had treatments elsewhere, or have researched certain treatments and would like to book in directly for these treatments. However, all our new patients have to undergo a full consultation and assessment first. We are outcome-focused, and we encourage all new patients to have an open mind about what we recommend to achieve your desired outcome. Cosmetic medicine is a rapidly changing field. What we recommend now may well be very different from what we would have recommended five years ago. It takes us an enormous amount of ongoing medical education to keep up with the latest research and opinions, and it would be impossible for consumers to be aware of these most current treatment options and how they relate to individual circumstances.

You are not purchasing a product or a treatment, you are relying on our expertise and experience to achieve the best possible outcome for you. Let us guide you on this journey.

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