What is IPL

Intense pulse light (IPL) technology has been in use for many decades and has proven itself to be an invaluable tool in the management of a number of skin conditions. Our Lutronic Solari IPL system can target skin discolouration (unwanted pigmentation and redness), as well as providing skin rejuvenation improving skin texture and reducing fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating new collagen formation.

There is a misconception that IPL is a form of laser treatment. Whilst the IPL and lasers are similar in that they are light-based treatments, there are important differences between the two. The most fundamental difference is wavelength. Each laser beam is monochromatic, meaning that it consists of one wavelength only, whereas IPL consists of a broad band of light or multiple wavelengths. As a consequence of this property, IPL is able to reach several different targets simultaneously, such as melanin and haemoglobin, hence its ability to improve pigmentation and redness in the same treatment session.

Who is a suitable candidate

Almost anyone with sun-damaged skin (photoageing) will benefit from IPL treatment.

IPL is a safe and effective treatment for:

What to expect

An initial consult and examination is essential for treatment planning.

Depending on your skin type, pre-treatment with topical therapy may be required.

During treatment, many patients report the sensation of a ‘rubber band flicking’ across their skin. The Solari system uses sapphire crystal contact cooling to minimise this discomfort and to protect the first layer of the skin (epidermis). In addition, the use of our Zimmer cooler which blows cold air on your skin makes the treatment even more comfortable. Topical local anaesthetic is not required.

After treatment, both redness and pigmentation may appear darker temporarily. This will fade over the next few weeks.

Several treatments would typically be required to achieve the best possible outcome. We often incorporate IPL treatment into part of an overall treatment program involving multiple treatment modalities such as laser treatment and other energy-based devices.

The use of medical grade skin care and daily sun protection are essential companions in achieving the best possible skin outcomes and of course are vital in maintaining results.

How are we unique

At Aesthetic Harmony, we have a full suite of energy-based devices available to target virtually every skin concern. For example, our picosecond pigment laser system is exceptional at targeting pigment in all skin types and our vascular laser system is highly specific and powerful at targeting facial redness, rosacea and visible vessels.

What sets the IPL system apart is its ability to target both discolouration conditions in a single treatment session/s. For the same reason, we are able to choose the right treatment modality for you at the right moment in time to achieve and maintain your skin goals.

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