Clinical photography

High quality and standardised medical imaging should be mandatory in any high quality aesthetic practice. It is beneficial for both patient and practitioner.

As any of our existing patients would know, we take our medical photography very seriously. It is just as an essential part of our practice as are the treatments we perform.

Clinical Photography Systems at Aesthetic Harmony

What to expect

We appreciate that very few people enjoy having their photos taken (especially clinical images), however, we do insist that all of our patients have their photos taken at their first visit and following any treatments performed.

We have three clinical imaging systems within our practice:

Our VISIA system allows accurate and in-depth analysis of your skin. We can objectively measure concerns such as redness and visible vessels, sun damage and pigmentation, pore size and number, textural changes and wrinkles.

2. 2D Clinical Imaging:
Our 2D system from Clinical Imaging allows us to take studio quality facial (and body) images in various positions and with multiple facial expressions. These images are useful to show structural changes to the face and body over time.

clinical photography - 2d clinical imaging - photo 01 - right side view

clinical photography - 2d clinical imaging - photo 02 - right 45 degree view

clinical photography - 2d clinical imaging - photo 03 - front side view

clinical photography - 2d clinical imaging - photo 04 - left 45 degree view

clinical photography - 2d clinical imaging - photo 05 - left side view

clinical photography - 2d clinical imaging - photo 06 - front 001 - smiling

clinical photography - 2d clinical imaging - photo 07 - front 002 - serious face look

clinical photography - 2d clinical imaging - photo 08 - front 003 - surprised face look

Our VECTRA system allows us to take 6 images around your face that are rendered into a 3D representation of your face. This assists with treatment planning for anti-wrinkle injections and dermal filler treatments.

It can take up to 10 minutes to have your clinical images taken, so please arrive at least 10-15 minutes prior to your appointment time, to prevent taking time away from your consultation or treatment.

The purpose of taking these images is to document your true appearance at any point in time and to monitor changes with time.

To do this accurately there are a number of steps that our staff will ask you to follow:

  • All topical products including makeup, sunscreen, moisturisers and active skin care products must be removed.
  • Your face should be clear of hair and jewellery.
  • The position of your head and body must be correct as per our staff instruction and consistent between your images over time.


All your images are held securely within our practice IT system.

Many patients considering a new treatment appreciate seeing our before and after photos, to give them an appreciation of what the treatment involves and the results possible. We rely on the generosity of our patients to have these photos available. It is for this reason that we kindly ask for permission to use your images for educational purposes. We can deidentify the images for those who prefer a higher degree of discretion. For the few who prefer complete anonymity, you can be assured of our confidentiality.

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