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Tattoo regret is extremely common among both men and women. Common reasons for tattoo regret include having tattoos done in one’s youth, the message or the name in the tattoo may no longer be desirable or appropriate or the location of the tattoo may be too visible.

A tattoo consists of ink particles deposited into the skin. Removal of tattoos became possible with the advent of Q Switched lasers (nanosecond). Further laser developments with the introduction of picosecond lasers, have allowed the tattoo removal procedure to become much more effective, with more ink colours able to be treated and with fewer number of treatments.

Like other areas of cosmetic medicine, tattoo removal is mixture art and science. The science and the technology behind the laser platform is vital to fading tattoos. At Aesthetic Harmony Canberra, Drs Bernard and Jennifer Leung use the Cutera Enlighten III laser for tattoo removal. It consists of three laser wavelengths, 532nm, 670nm, and 1064nm and is capable of operating in nanosecond and picosecond modes. It is a power picosecond laser system that allows a variety of ink colours, as well as all skin types to be treated.

For most tattoo removals and skin types, several treatments would typically be required. It is important to understand that complete tattoo removal may not always be possible.

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