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As we age, we develop a sad and saggy appearance of our lower face; the jawline slackens, and jowls develop. Some may end up with a sad puppy dog look, others have a marionette appearance around the mouth.

The anatomical reasons that produce these ageing appearances are complex and vary from one person to another. There are almost always changes to the subcutaneous fat and remodelling of the lower facial bones (mandible).

Several treatment modalities have found to produce a beneficial effect on the jawline, including dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle injections and thread lifts. At Aesthetic Harmony, Dr Bernard Leung and Dr Jennifer Leung assess your facial anatomy carefully before recommending the best treatment or combination of treatments to ensure the best outcome. The aim is to improve the tired, sad and sagging look by achieving a straighter and more youthful jawline.

One patient group that deserves a special mention is men. While feminine beauty is all about curves and softness, masculine attractiveness is very much based on angularity and a strong powerful jawline. Improving a man’s jawline will almost invariably give a more masculine, more youthful, and more handsome outcome.


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