The availability of laser treatments has grown enormously over the past decade. Incredible progress has been made and a wide spectrum of skin conditions can now be treated. On the other hand, it is very difficult for the consumer to research and make the right choices. We will attempt to provide an overview of the background of laser treatments.

Light is a form of electromagnetic radiation. The light that we see is a spectrum of different wavelengths. The shorter wavelengths are more blue in colour, whereas the longer wavelengths are more red in colour. The purpose of laser or light-based treatment of the skin is to produce a biological effect or change in the skin.

In order to produce this change, energy has to be applied to the tissue. Within the tissue, certain structures will absorb energy. These structures are called chromophores. There are three main chromophores in the skin: melanin (brown), haemoglobin (red) and water. Different wavelengths of light get absorbed by these chromophores to different degrees. By using different wavelengths of light (different lasers), we can selectively target different chromophores to produce the desired biological effect, be it removing or lightening of pigmentation or tattoo ink, clearing of redness or resurfacing of the skin.

Laser is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation and each laser beam is of a single wavelength. Intense Pulse Light (IPL) on the other hand is a broader band spectrum of light. Despite the fact that they are two separate light-based technologies, the term laser is often used interchangeably by the beauty industry for both technologies which is incorrect and misleading.

Our modern laser systems offer effective and non-ablative treatments aimed at improving the appearance of unwanted redness, pigmentation and tattoos and overall skin quality.

The use of laser technology in Australia is largely unregulated. We believe that safety is paramount in laser treatment. Laser treatments can deliver a large amounts of energy in a very short space of time and this can easily result in side effects such as burning of the skin. At Aesthetic Harmony, all patients are assessed by us as doctors prior to any vascular laser, picosecond pigment laser or tattoo removal laser treatments being performed.

We customise all laser treatments to suit individual needs. We understand that people have different skin types and want to address different concerns.

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