Complication and Dissolving Clinic

The cosmetic industry has grown exponentially, often driven by commercial interest, and regulations have not always kept up. This has seen an increase in complications. We decided to provide this service to the community and other practitioners, as we recognise diagnosis and treatment makes a significant difference to the eventual outcome.

The most common complications referred to us include:

  • Post laser skin problems including burns, ulceration and scarring and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH),
  • Unfavourable aesthetic dermal filler outcomes including overfilled and uneven lips, visible and palpable lumps and swelling under the eye and in the tear trough area, complete facial disproportion especially on animation.
  • Vascular events following dermal filler treatments which can present with skin colour changes, discomfort, vesicular formation and eventual necrosis and tissue loss.

Who is a suitable to attend

We accept patients through doctor’s referral, assisting them in managing a complication as a result of an aesthetic procedure.

We also accept patients through self-referral (with no doctor’s referral). Please be reassured that we understand the need for discretion, however we are also more than happy to liaise with your practitioner to advise them of the outcome of our management.

What to expect

The first step to contact our reception staff to request an appointment in our Complication and Dissolving Clinic. Many complications required urgent or semi-urgent assessment and management, so we will triage your appointment accordingly.

Whilst a referral is not necessary, the more information you can tell us about the procedure you have had performed, the better equipped we are to manage your problem.

Treatment may be performed during the initial consultation but depending on your reason for attending and the scale of the problem, you may be asked to return for further treatments or follow up.

We often use ultrasound to identify the exact locations of dermal filler related complications and we also use ultrasound to guide our treatment when dissolving is required. We may also prescribe medication when necessary.

Skin related complications, often as a result of laser treatment, are managed with a combination of prescription topical, oral or injectable medication and occasionally laser treatments.

Just like the rest of our cosmetic practice, we approach each patient from a medical point of view, and safety is our first priority.

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