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  • A-Zinc Kit

    $115.00 AUD inc. GST
    With three vitamin-concentrated serums, a gentle pH balanced cleanser, and a UV protective moisturiser with 21% zinc oxide, the A-Zinc Kit makes for a perfect start on your journey to clear, healthy, and glowing skin.
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  • Balance + Clarity Kit

    $115.00 AUD inc. GST
    Perfect for combination to oily skin, this kit includes three effective exfoliating and balancing serums so that you can add the powerful vitamin A and vitamin B to your skincare routine, a brightening and pore size reducing milk moisturiser, and a gentle pH balanced cleanser. The Balance + Clarity Kit provides you with a combination of essential products that will leave you with glowing, youthful, and healthy-looking skin.
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  • Blemish Control Kit

    $115.00 AUD inc. GST
    Five serums with exfoliating, balancing, moisturising, and acne-solving properties are packed together with a gentle pH balanced cleansing gel concentrate, kick-starting your journey to clear, blemish-free skin.
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  • Cult Classics

    $389.00 AUD inc. GST
    The fundamental skincare products in one kit, Cult Classics includes three vitamin-enriched serums, a powerful cleanser, and a protective moisturiser, easily stored in a premium cosmetic case. Together, Cult Classics provides a simple yet effective skincare routine for all ages and skin types.
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  • Hydra milk cleanser

    $59.80 AUD inc. GST
    Gently cleanses and hydrates the skin while removing makeup and skin impurities. With its pH-friendly formula, hydra cleansing milk provides effective cleaning and hydrating ingredients suitable for all skin types.
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  • Hydratonic

    $62.50 AUD inc. GST
    An astringent facial toner lotion that works to eliminate impurities and unclog the skin. Hydratonic creates clean, hydrated, fresh, and smooth skin for all skin types, with its pH-friendly, alcohol-free formula.
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  • Nexultra O

    $59.00 AUD inc. GST
    Nexultra O is a powerful cleansing oil formula that attracts and removes positively charged toxins such as pollution nanoparticles, free radicals, and heavy metals. The cleansing oil can remove makeup and clean impurities from the skin, leaving a soft and smooth complexion behind. The olive oil in the formula will strengthen the natural protective barrier of the skin, keeping the skin healthy and protected in all environmental conditions. Nexultra O is suitable for all skin types and concerns.
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  • Skin Brightening Kit

    $125.00 AUD inc. GST
    Three essential vitamin serums, a gentle pH balanced cleanser, a skin brightening peptide serum and a UV protective moisturiser are sorted together to improve uneven skin tone and skin pigmentation. The Skin Brightening Kit creates clear, glowing, and radiant skin.
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  • Ultimate Anti-Ageing Kit

    $145.00 AUD inc. GST
    Packed with three vitamin-enriched serums, a gentle pH balanced cleanser, an anti-ageing serum, and an age-management moisturiser, the products included in the Ultimate Anti-Ageing kit work to reduce signs of ageing and create youthful, healthy skin at any age.
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  • UltraCleanse

    $72.00 AUD inc. GST
    The thorough UltraCleanse cleansing gel will effectively remove surface impurities and makeup products, to reveal clean, refreshed, and glowing skin.
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