Drs Bernard and Jennifer Leung have been working with the Ultraceuticals brand for over 15 years and share the philosophies of their colleague and Ultraceuticals founder Dr Geoffrey Heber – “real skin care and life changing results” Dr Geoffery Heber.

Ultraceuticals is a leading cosmeceutical brand offering both professional home skin care and sophisticated in-clinic dermal treatments. Their skin care products are aimed at addressing the major skin concerns of ageing, acne, redness and pigmentation.

Ultraceuticals products are 100% cruelty free and its ingredients are obtained from non-genetically modified and environmentally sustainable resources. These products are free of harsh chemicals, propylene glycol, parabens, synthetic dyes and fragrances.

At Aesthetic Harmony Canberra, we stock the full portfolio of products including the Ultra and MD range of products.

Please talk to one of our staff members today about booking a skin consultation with Dr Jennifer Leung to discuss your skin concerns. During this consultation, we will be able to assess your skin and recommend the most appropriate Ultraceuticals home skin care products and in-clinic treatments to address your skin concerns.

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