Aesthetic Harmony

We, Drs Jennifer and Bernard Leung welcome you to our cosmetic medical clinic, Aesthetic Harmony. We offer cosmetic injectables, state-of-the-art laser treatments, tattoo removal, minimally invasive medical procedures and sophisticated dermal therapies. We treat a variety of concerns including facial ageing, redness/rosacea, sun damage/pigmentation, melasma and skin lesions.

‘It takes a high level of expertise to create subtlety’

As cosmetic physicians, we are first and foremost doctors, and as such we practise evidence-based cosmetic medicine. We personally undertake your assessment and treatment, including all injectables and high-power laser treatments, ourselves. We value knowledge, expertise and experience, rather than hype, trend and marketing


‘Simplicity belies complexity’

The essence of our aesthetic is natural and timeless elegance. This is something that we always strive for. We are acutely aware of trends particularly on social media, and we are skilled at side stepping them. We believe that timeless natural beauty transcends these trends.

When we take on a patient, we take them on for life. We are very mindful of how the face ages and this forms the basis of all of our treatments. It is therefore a journey rather than a race for instant gratification.

‘We plan for your future’

As an independent, doctor-owned practice, we are answerable to you only, not to any third party corporate or shareholder.




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Unit 37, Atelier Building, 46 Honeysett View, Kingston ACT 2604