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My personal journey with Total Face dermal filler treatment.

It had been approximately twelve months since my last dermal filler treatment and I felt that I was looking more tired and more sad. Professionally of course, I recognise this to be a manifestation of facial ageing. I was projecting negative emotions that did not truly reflect how I felt.

It was time to take action. I am very fortunate and grateful to work alongside my wife Jennifer. She has the most incredible eye for detail, and with her excellent anatomical knowledge and exceptional technique, I trust her implicitly with all my aesthetic treatments. It was my time to be the patient!

Sitting on her treatment couch was surprisingly comforting and soothing, despite the prospect of having needles and cannulae in my face. It was all the more surreal because I knew exactly what she was doing. Time passed quickly and before long, she had finished. Normally, Total Face dermal filler treatment is done in stages. As we are both normally very busy, we decided to condense two stages into one treatment, which meant that a rather large volume of dermal filler was injected.

Trust is a very important issue when it comes to having dermal filler treatment. I was rather fortunate in a number of ways. I wanted a really natural looking outcome, just as I would like for all my patients. My wife happens to share my aesthetic ideal and I trust her to completely to deliver such results. To achieve a completely natural outcome, as opposed to a caricature, expert anatomical knowledge and injecting skills are required. I know she possesses these skills.

I was so happy with the results. My face felt a little numb for the next half an hour from the local anaesthetic contained within the dermal filler. I was able to work immediately after my treatment. None of my patients could tell that I just had treatment myself.

I would like to make a comment here, as a doctor rather than a patient. New patients to our practice are often worried about dermal filler treatment giving them an inflated appearance, the so-called ‘pillow face’. Proper dermal filler treatment requires the precise placement of dermal filler into the appropriate sites and anatomical planes, to simulate a more youthful positioning. Relatively large volumes are required to achieve this. As you can tell from my results and from all those who have met me, no one has ever accused me of looking ‘overdone’.

I am looking forward to my next treatment.