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Total Face™ Injectable Treatments

The signature treatment at Aesthetic Harmony Canberra is Total FaceTM dermal filler treatment. It forms the foundation on which other treatments can be built.

As we age, we all end up looking tired, sad, saggy and angry. The reasons why we portray these negative emotions are due to structural changes in all the layers of the face. These structural changes have been confirmed by a large number of scientific studies to be inevitable in all of our faces as we age. Currently, the best way to reverse the appearance of these changes is to use dermal fillers to mimic the facial structures, such as facial bones and fat pads, as they used to be, in a more youthful state.

When we look at ourselves in the mirror, we tend to see and focus on ‘localised’ traits or imperfections that we do not like, such as wrinkles, lip lines or jowls, etc. In reality, this is not how others see us. They may notice instead our tired, sad, sagging or cranky appearance. In other words, they are observing our face in a ‘global’ fashion. The face does not age in one area only and in order to achieve a truly natural looking and aesthetically pleasing outcome, the entire face needs to be treated to maintain proportionality and harmony. Adopting a localised approach to the treatment of the face or facial features, in other words, treating one or two parts of the face in isolation only, will almost always end in grief. The classic example might be someone in the early fifties with thinning lips and lip lines requesting lip treatment. If only the lips are treated, without regard to deflation of the midface and sagging of the lower face, it will invariably result in an exaggerated and unnatural appearance.

We believe that an injector must possess three qualities in order to achieve the best outcome possible with this treatment: anatomical knowledge, aesthetic sensibility and accurate technique.

The understanding of anatomy is advancing all the time. A detailed understanding of anatomy forms the necessary basis of the quality practice of cosmetic medicine. As a result, we regularly attend hands-on anatomy refresher workshops, where we can use our surgical skills to refresh and improve our understanding of the finer points of facial anatomy.

We have both developed a keen aesthetic awareness through our upbringing, education, hobby and life experience. This allows us to maintain perspective when advising our patients and performing treatments. We strongly believe that it is not just about what and how much we put in, but more importantly it is about the restraint of what we leave out.

Accurate techniques are vital in facial injectable treatments, not only to achieve good outcomes, but also to maximise patient safety. This is the additional reason why we attend hands-on anatomy workshops regularly, as these allow our injection techniques to be validated directly on cadavers. The accurate placements of dermal fillers into the right location and the right tissue plane, allows facial soft tissue to be lifted and repositioned to a more youthful position, as well as revolumised to a more youthful and attractive state.

To those who have not encountered this approach before, the idea of Total FaceTM treatment may seem confronting. We want to assure you that this is the only way to ensure that a natural-looking result is obtainable every single time. In fact, at Aesthetic Harmony Canberra, we pride ourselves that patients always tell us our treatments are completely undetectable to their friends and colleagues. Your friends and family should comment on how refreshed you look, rather than asking you what you have had done.

We personally consult every patient, listen to your concerns and assess your facial anatomy with the aid of a specialised 3D imaging system. We personally carry out all dermal filler treatment ourselves, as we believe it is too important a treatment to be left to chance and therefore, we do not delegate this to other clinic staff.

It is vital to treat the face in its entirety. It is likewise necessary to combine treatment modalities to target all layers of the face. We restore facial structure with our Total FaceTM treatment and we also need to address the appearance of the skin with other treatments, to remove redness or pigmentation, improve textural irregularities and restore hydration and luminosity levels.

Our approach to facial aesthetics is the basis for our philosophy: ‘cosmetic treatments should be tailored to produce harmony, not only on the surface of the face, but also deep in its foundations’.

Please come and talk to us to find out what is possible for you.