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  • The importance of the Golden Ratio

    It takes skill, a deep knowledge of anatomy and an artistic eye to achieve sophisticated results with dermal filler treatments. However, the principle behind this sophistication is simple. Simple in that it is found everywhere in nature. Simple in that the concept has been well understood for centuries. Simple in that it will withstand the test of time. No one understands this olden ratio better than Dr Arthur Swift, plastic surgeon from Montreal. We were privileged to hear him speak and see him inject recently in Sydney.

  • Aesthetics 2019 conference

    Aesthetics 2019, the most eagerly anticipated conference of the year convened by Dr Steven Liew, turned out to be the best conference we have attended all year. We thank all the experts for their generosity and time. As said by Dr Steven Liew, ‘to share, to learn, to advance together’.

  • My personal journey with Total Face dermal filler treatment.

    It had been approximately twelve months since my last dermal filler treatment and I felt that I was looking more tired and more sad. Professionally of course, I recognise this to be a manifestation of facial ageing. I was projecting negative emotions that did not truly reflect how I felt.

  • Our love affair with our vascular laser Cutera Excel V

    Facial redness due to rosacea and sun damage is something that we come across in our practice multiple times each day. Many of our patients are distressed by their condition, feeling that they have to wear makeup in order to hide the facial redness or broken capillaries (telangiectasia). A safe and effective treatment of facial redness is therefore vital to enable us to help our patients.

  • Corporates and Cosmetic Medicine

    The cosmetic medical industry, like many other industries, is becoming more corporatised, with big businesses now owning the majority of shopping centre clinics, as well as locally well-known brand name clinics.

  • When things go wrong with dermal fillers

    Dermal filler injections are becoming one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in Australia and indeed worldwide.

  • It is all about light – Injectable ‘luminance’

    The practice of cosmetic medicine is all about making use of light. Without light, our discipline would not exist.

  • Tattoo Removal

    It is estimated that some 10% of the Australian population have at least one tattoo, and that 25-50% of these have ‘tattoo regret’.

  • Total Face™ injectable treatments

    The signature treatment at Aesthetic Harmony Canberra is Total Face™ dermal filler treatment. It forms the foundation on which other treatments can be built.

  • The science behind attractiveness, facial proportions and the mathematics of beauty

    We raised the question in part 1 of our post of whether there are universal standards of beauty and whether these standards can span ethnic and cultural divides? We believe so.

  • Dr Bernard Leung attends the first International Allergan Medical Institute meeting in London

    I have just returned from attending the first International Allergan Medical Institute meeting in London. This was a meeting held by Allergan, the manufacturer of the most popular anti wrinkle injections and dermal fillers. It was an invitation only event for their top international trainers.

  • Singapore Asia Pacific Anatomy Workshop 2015

    have been writing about the importance of a thorough understanding of facial anatomy with respect to facial injectable treatments for some time. I described in my recent article of The 3 A s of Facial Injectables how the era of ‘anatomical injecting’ has dawned. It was therefore with great honour that I was invited to attend The Allergan Academy Applied Anatomy Workshop in Singapore.

  • The art of beauty
3 A’s of cosmetic injectables

    The use of dermal fillers and anti-wrinkles injections (collectively known as cosmetic injectables) have become the most popular and effective treatment by far in facial rejuvenation. With advances in techniques and injectable products over the past few years, attractive, durable and natural looking results can be reliably achieved.

  • Lip Treatments

    One of the sessions that I enjoyed immensely from the Second Australasian Medical Aesthetic Congress held last weekend in Sydney was the demonstration on lip treatment. Dr Raj Acqulla from the UK and Dr Sarah Hart generously shared their techniques by injecting live on stage.

  • Anti wrinkle injections: Myth or Fact

    Most people nowadays know about anti-wrinkle injections. TGA regulations do not allow us to mention any products by name. You may have tried them yourself or you may know someone who has.

  • More on Cosmetex 2014. Nose reshaping.

    In my previous blog, I spoke about some of the exciting things I learnt at cosmetex 2014. In this article I am going to talk about ageing of the nose and rejuvenation of the nose.

  • Congratulations Cate McGregor

    Many of you may have read our blogs on Cate McGregor earlier this year (28/2/14 and 21/3/14). We continue to follow her story with great interest. I saw her on the ABC program Q&A last night and I was completely captivated by her eloquence and elegance. She was insightful, articulate, and was obviously well respected.

  • Facial Feminisation

    In our previous article, we congratulated Cate on her courageous transition to the female gender. In this weeks article, I am going to provide some insight into the process behind non-surgical facial feminisation.

  • Insights from Allergan Medical Institute meeting London – Multicultural approach to beauty

    The concept of beauty was discussed in considerable detail during the first Allergan Medical Institute meeting that I attended in London recently. Extensive surveys have been carried out in different countries with both women and men, from different age groups and ethnicities, regarding what motivates them to have aesthetic treatment and what they expect the outcome to be.

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